New Pain Relief Technology

Using special patches on Acupuncture points


Imagine rapid, drug-free pain relief… Imagine rapid, drug-free energy… Imagine rapid, drug-free sleep… Imagine rapid and natural radiant health…
Now imagine it´s yours with LifeWave Plus.


Lifewave is an exclusive non-transdermal patch system that utilizes new technology to gently stimulate acupuncture points – literally improving the flow of energy in the body for improvement of energy – within minutes of use!


These unique nanotechnology products are available exclusively from LifeWave in the form of adhesive patches that produce near miraculous results without the introduction of chemicals, herbs, or physical devices into the body. LifeWave is safe and natural and uses novel heating and cooling effects of the body’s own systems to accomplish these amazing result


Lifewave product – “IceWave” patches use this knowledge to stimulate acupuncture points on the body for improving the flow of energy and producing drug-free pain relief within minutes of use.


I started using the Lifewave Patches in 2009, complementing my treatments with some great results, especially when it comes to pain relief,and stress related problems like insomnia. It’s also a great way for my clients to “take home” their treatment with less dependency of frequent sessions. Moreover the energy patches became a good alternative for those with Needle phobia.


Imagine being able to tell your body to “burn more fat” or “reduce that pain” or “improve my appearance”. This is what LifeWave’s breakthrough technology does. The future is here today with LifeWave.


Do you need Better Sleep, Pain Relief, Energy, Anti-Aging or Weight Loss ?

I highly recommend you to further read or watch the video presentations about the different products Lifewave is offering and the research behind it.
Click the “following link” (or go to ) to watch informative videos at the bottom of the page and find out more information about this amazing product..I am looking forward helping you “fix your health”


It’s worth trying – Lifewave has a 30 days 100% money back Guarantee !


I will be happy to explain to you how I can treat your problem, and I welcome further enquiries

Your Health is in Good Caring Hands