Ear Candling - Waxing Lyrica

For the past 15 years I have been using the Ear candling method.

The ancient medicinal art of ear candling is not part of TCM. Its origins are difficult to trace, but one believes it was first practiced by the American Indians, a civilization renowned for their smoke and ear treatments.


I have been a TCM practitioner for over 25 years, and for the past 15 years I have been using the Ear candling method.


Ear candling is a non-invasive, natural method to clear excess earwax, fungus and infection from the ears and sinuses; and it´s a vital tool in the fight against earache, sinusitis, runny nose, tinnitus, migraine and many stress related conditions.


The 30 – 60 minute session is painless, very calming, soothing and relaxing due to the warmth and aroma released. People like it. It’s non-invasive and within fifteen minutes I would say about 50 per cent of people almost fall asleep.


The candles are hollow tubes made of unbleached muslin dipped in a thin coat of parafin or beeswax. Mixed with powdered Indian herbs it is well known for their effects (especially Sage, St John’s wort and Camomile). During an ear candling, one end of the candle is placed in the ear canal, the other end is then lit. As the candle burns, smoke enters the ear canal and melts the ear wax.


A gentle vacuum is formed and the wax is drawn into the candle. The smoke produced by the candle will eliminate infections, bacteria or fungus that is affecting the ear or sinuses


Ear candling is also effective for small children suffering from chronic ear infections. They respond well to ear candling and it is non-intrusive and soothing.


Although my most popular treatment is Acupuncture, I find that combined treatment with ear candling is very effective. I do mostly acupuncture and massage, healing by physical manipulation, but combining two treatments can be very effective. There are a lot of people out there who have problems with excess ear wax affecting their hearing, balance, sinuses and the pressure disturbs generally their head.



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